Update: 2016-17 MAC IECA Collegiate Scholarship

The Mid-Atlantic Chapter IECA received three Thank You letters from last years scholarship awardees. We here at the MAC wanted to share them with you as a testimony that what we do within our organization does in fact make a huge difference on people, especially these young industry professionals. From all of us here at the MAC, you’re welcome.

Original News Article from Jan. 13, 2017:

For the first time, the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of IECA has awarded scholarships to all 8 applicants. Due to the quality of the applications and a unanimous vote by the Board, the Chapter decided to award $5,400 in scholarships.

There were three students awarded $1200 each. They were: Brittany Ayers, Jessica, Klotz, and Lucy Aistis.

Ms. Ayers is a senior at Penn State University, majoring in Biological Engineering. She is also pursuing a minor in Environmental Engineering and a minor in Watersheds and water Resources.  She is the recipient of numerous other awards, has a 3.82 gpa in her major, and is working on her Thesis project. Her accomplishments to date are outstanding.

Ms. Klotz is also a senior, attending Frostburg State University. Majoring in Environmental Analysis and Planning, she has a gpa of 3.36. She is very active as a volunteer in numerous environmental organizations, as well as numerous clubs on campus. She has completed an internship in water quality monitoring and is currently a Stormwater Management and GIS intern for Allegany County.

Lucy Aistis is earning a degree in Environmental Geosciences at West Virginia University. She is a senior, with a gpa of 3.6. She has been on the Dean’s List as well as the President’s List, is a member of numerous organizations, and has been an intern for the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. One of her professors considers her in the top 5% of students she has taught over the last 20 years due to her work ethics, leadership, as well as her written and oral communication skills.

Our other recipients, ranging from award amounts of $500 to $250 were:

Chad Martin, a junior attending West Virginia University. Mr. Martin is a Mining Engineering major with a 3.46 gpa. He currently is working in a research group as an undergraduate research assistant.

Ethan Bauer is a senior at Penn State University, majoring in Biological Engineering/Natural Resources option. With internships with PADEP and LandStudies, he is applying this experience to his class room studies and has a gpa of 3.56. He is highly regarded by his professors.

Rachel Brunt is a Civil Engineering major at West Virginia University. Ms. Brunt is a sophmore with an overall gpa of 4.0. A recipient of other scholarships, an Honors College member, and a tutor, she was asked to participate in a Spring Break Study Abroad program.

Jeremy Lester, a junior attending Bluefield State College in West Virginia. A Civil Engineering Technology major with a gpa of 3.01, he also has worked summer engineering intern positions, and has a desire to work in the highway construction industry.

Kelly Kulp, a Wildlife and Fisheries Management major at West Virginia University. Ms. Kulp has a 3.08 gpa. This past summer, she received a grant through WVU and worked as an intern with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. She is considered engaging, with a strong work ethic.

Congratulations to our winners! We thank you for your interest in our organization and your pursuit to help the environment.