2021 27th MAC IECA Conference & Expo
Submit by June 1, 2021

The MAC-IECA Conference & Expo annually draws +150 attendees from the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.
The 2021 Conference will feature a community of erosion and sediment control and environmental compliance
professionals from various industry sectors that will gather to explore advancements in the industry and
collaboratively discuss how to put technology, science and solutions into practice. This year’s conference will
focus on relevant stormwater compliance, green infrastructure, coastal and other issues relevant to the Mid-Atlantic
region and area projects. We are currently seeking abstracts for research findings, case studies,
workshops, technical papers and more to help attendees learn about real world industry solutions applicable to
the area. Possible presentation tracks/topics may include:

Erosion and Sediment Control
Managing Soil for Vegetative Establishment | Climate Change Impact on BMPs | Innovative BMPs/Research and
Development | Silt Fence Materials, Design and Installation Innovations | Effective BMP Inspection Methodologies

Stormwater Management
Treating Whole Flow vs. First Flush in Compliance with Clean Water Act | Stream Monitoring TMDL Alternative Plans |
BMP Long Term Operation and Maintenance Strategies | Stormwater BMP Remediation/Retrofit Applications |
Watershed Steward Programs

Stream Restoration, Wetland Creation & Shoreline Restoration
Working in Waterways | Natura Channel Design | Innovative Streambank Stabilization | Wetland Mitigation |
Constructed Wetlands for Stormwater Treatment | Revegetation Options and Management

MS4 Management
MS4 Program Adaptive Management/Goals | Industrial Stormwater Management | Training & Enforcement |
Green Infrastructure Practices | Stormwater Monitoring: Illicit Discharge, Detection and Elimination

Industry Trends
Response to Extreme Weather | Government Standards and Compliance | Flood Control |Climate Change Impacts
|Technology in the Field | P3 Projects | Regulatory Updates | Chesapeake Bay Health