IECA Roadshow – Urban Stream Restoration Workshop Recap

The International Erosion Control Association and the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of IECA partnered with the District Dept. of Energy & Environment (DOEE), DC Water and the Urban Forestry Administration (UFA) to offer a one-day workshop in Washington, DC on July 27th, 2017. The first half of the day offered educational sessions to attendees which included area specific presentations on urban stream restoration design, in-stream construction methods, water management techniques, case studies and sediment & erosion control. These case studies and lessons learned were from projects that attendees later in the day had a chance to visit in person. After the morning technical sessions, attendees hopped aboard a charter bus and headed to multiple field locations to tour urban stream restoration projects both ongoing and completed. The first stop of the field trip was at Alger Park to tour an actively ongoing stream restoration of a cavernous void that was eroded away due to decades of increased stormwater being channeled down the stream valley. Attendees got to see first hand how the carved out channel was being backfilled as well as the grade control structures that were being installed to prevent this erosive activity in the future. After Alger Park everyone got back on the bus to head to Springhouse Run at the National Arboretum. the project recently completed and attendees got to see a finished stream restoration project. For both field trip stops the projects design engineers and contractors were present to talk about lessons learned, unique project characteristics and ESC BMP’s that were used during construction. Overall the IECA Roadshow was a huge success and everyone seemed to have enjoyed the days education. Here are some pictures of the days events (they can also be viewed on IECA’s Facebook Page HERE):