2017-18 MAC IECA Collegiate Scholarship

The Mid-Atlantic Chapter IECA received a Thank You letter from one of last years scholarship awardees. Joshua Baey was a standout undergrad that we were quite impressed with and decided to award $1,000 in scholarship money for his upcoming spring semester. We here at the MAC wanted to share it with you as a testimony that what we do within our organization does in fact make a huge difference on people, especially these young industry professionals. From all of us here at the MAC, you’re welcome, Joshua!


I would like to give my sincere thanks for this generous scholarship award by the MAC-IECA. This money helps a lot with obtaining textbooks and professional manuals that I need to procure for my college classes. As I enter my final semester at the Virginia Military Institute this coming fall, I am excited to towards finding a job in the Storm Water industry as a green infrastructure engineer.

I am a second-generation immigrant, born to my Korean parents who immigrated to the United States in 1995, the same year I was born. Having a strong background in academics has been a large part of my childhood upbringing, and I attribute my current success to the disciplining I received during my formative years. I majored in Civil Engineering because I wanted to do something with my life that worked for the betterment of society and would leave a physical mark on the world that I could walk by and say, “I helped make that”. Working in the Storm Water industry would be largely in line with this goal, and I attribute this calling to my professor, COL Timmes VMI Class of ’92, who played a large part in my interest in Environmental Engineering and my desire to go into Storm Water Management.

Once again, I thank you for this generous scholarship award that I have received. I look forward to attending the MAC 25th Annual Conference, Exposition, and Trade Show this coming September.


Joshua Baey

VMI Class of 2018