IECA Membership Provides Intangible Benefits You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

IECA provides a wide range of services to its members. They include educational activities, like conferences, workshops and field days plus, depending on the type of membership, a variety of other benefits, such Environmental Connection, IECA’s quarterly newsletter; the annual Membership Directory and many live and on demand webinars (some complimentary for members only).

IECA Membership Information

Membership in MAC/IECA provides four important benefits:

  • Provides valuable information in a single, easily accessible location
  • Improves your erosion control, stormwater management, MS4 and surface water restoration skills & expertise
  • Gives you a competitive edge and puts you in touch with other industry professionals
  • Recognizes your expertise through certifications and allows you to increase your knowledge and present to other professionals

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Dave Snyder, CPESC,  VP Geosynthetic Markets Manager, Hanes Geo Components and former first vice president of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter describes the value of belonging to IECA – “a growing organization that connects, educates and develops the worldwide erosion and sediment control community.”

Ronel Suthers, with African Gabions, Cape Town, South Africa, and a director of IECA’s South Africa Chapter, rates Erosion Control as the primary benefit. “For us in Africa, it’s like a crystal ball,” she says. “It allows us to look into the future of erosion and sediment control.”

At the same time, IECA offers intangible benefits that are truly unique and valuable. These benefits stem from networking and building personal relationships with other erosion and sediment control, stormwater management and MS4 professionals as well as regulatory agencies, municipal officials, state and national officials.

While you can’t put a price on such an intangible benefit, it’s a very real and vital one – one you’ll enjoy only as an IECA member. Our network of tight-knit and welcoming members will help to improve your knowledge and expertise in the industry that you love. What are you waiting for? Join IECA today!

To join the Mid-Atlantic Chapter, you must first join IECA. Click the links below to complete the forms. You may contact our Membership Chairperson, Bryce Miller  at or any of our other board of directors or officers.

I don’t think you can afford to be in the erosion control business and not be a member of IECA.

Dave Snyder, CPESC, VP Geosynthetic Markets Manager, Hanes Geo Components

MAC IECA provides the opportunity for individual members to be part of something much larger than themselves, to connect with one another and to gain expeience and insight from other industry professionals. Through regional events, you can gain area specific education that is simply not offered anywhere else.

Dylan Drudul, CPESC, 2016-2018 MAC IECA President

IECA members speak my language. How many people can you talk to at a party about the latest in geosynthetics, hydroseeding equipment, biotechnical slope stabilization or any of a number of other aspects of erosion and sediment control. Membership in IECA allows you to talk about state-of-art erosion control concepts and techniques with people who share your interests.

Robert Connelly, CPESC, IECA member and past president of the MAC
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