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  • IECA 2025 Conference Call For Abstracts

    In 2025 the IECA Annual Conference & Expo will be held in the Mid-Atlantic Chapter region. That's right!  Our very own chapter is the host chapter and we want to make sure everyone knows about all of the great work that is going on in our region. 

    The call for abstracts is out now! 

    Submissions due by Friday, June 7, 2024


    The 2025 IECA Annual Conference & Expo will be held February 26 - 28, 2025 in Richmond, Virginia.  Go to the IECA Annual Conference page to learn more about the types of presentations and how to submit an abstract. 

A Comprehensive Stormwater Compliance and Inspection Training

This online course provides comprehensive stormwater compliance and inspection training for contractors involved in construction site stormwater management. The course is designed to introduce practitioners site operators, construction inspectors, and other practitioners to the background and concepts required to properly implement, inspect, and manage stormwater pollution prevention plans and manage stormwater on construction sites. Modules provide details of regulatory requirements, basic construction stormwater management approaches, inspection practices and proper documentation, and principles of various best management practices used during construction to manage runoff, erosion, and sediment. Through participation in this course, contractors will acquire the necessary knowledge and tools pertaining to inspection to maintain stormwater compliance on their construction sites. Learn more...

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